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give them future success, health and education. they have a stable place, healthy and have an opportunity to do homework so they can go to school every day. >> that sounds good. how do we achieve a solution here? are the impediments to the solution and how do we move beyond that? >> money, money, money. i'm sure linda and carlos can talk about this quite a bit but affordable housing subsidies from the state of california are basically have evaporated are the loss of redevelopment. a huge part of money came from redevelopment and other money passed by voters in 2008 is almost gone. so they desperately need a new source of revenue. you know, there is some federal money but that's not going to be enough, and i think they will probably both be the ones to talk about the home and jobs act which could create that for them. >> mark has introduced legislation. >> the california homes and jobs act is a terrific piece of legislation that would generate between 3 and $500 million a year to create affordable housing. >> how would it do that? >> it's a document recording fee so when you
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)